United in Cultural Diversity

Comenius Multilateral Project

United in Cultural Diversity



Partner Schools:

  1. Ralleio Pilot School of PiraeusGreece (coordinating school-Coordinator Dimitrios Kalaitzidis)
  2. Zespół Kształcenia Podstawowego i Gimnazjalnego nr 6 w Gdańsku. Szkoła Podstawowa nr 19:Gimnazjum nr 7/ im. Zasłużonych Ludzi Morza- Gdansk Poand
  3. SCOALA NR.37 “ M. EMINESCU-Craiova Romania
  4. Sredno obshtoobrazovatelno uchilishte “Ivan Vazov”-Sopot Bulgaria

Europe is a continent with many different traditions, languages and cultures, and also with common values, such as democracy, freedom and social justice. The European Union is a family of democratic European countries, committed to working together for peace and prosperity. The European Union defends and protects these values as they represent her real wealth. By getting people from different places to know each other’s cultures, habits, values and beliefs, the cohesion of the European Union is being strengthened. In an increasingly interdependent world it is more than ever necessary for every European citizen to know, appreciate, respect, recognise and yet enjoy each country’s cultural contribution to the overall cultural diversity of contemporary Europe. In the framework of this project, pupil groups from each partner state have exchanged aspects of their country’s culture (in the form of songs, dances, cooking, buildings, etc) with the partners’ groups. The pupils and the students have focused on music, songs, dances, cooking, buildings, and any aspect of their own tradition. Exchanging visits (mobility) helped them to consolidate the cooperation, and yet to know, recognise and appreciate each other’s cultural diversity.

For the teachers also this cooperation was very profitable, in terms of experience, exchange of views, knowledge about others’ education sustems, etc.

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