Sustainable School Teachers’ Network (SSTN)

In many countries the Sustainable School concept is considered as a model for the effective operation and daily function of schools. This model, based on the set of Sustainable School Indicators, reduces the school’s ecological footprint, improves relations within the members of the school community and links the school to the local community. In Norway, in the U.S., in Australia, in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, Sustainable School is recommended by governments as a model school and has been reinforced in various ways in order to facilitate the function and operation of schools based on the principles and values ​​of sustainable school and sustainability in general.

 In Greece, after three very successful school years of operation of the Sustainable School Award which has essentially introduced the concept and practice of sustainable school in the Greek educational system, the need for cooperation between teachers who believe in this idea has emerged. This cooperation will have as a goal the creation of a learning community and a community of practice. A Sustainable School Teachers Network may help to enrich the dialogue on sustainable school, enrich the practices of sustainable school, the training of teachers in these practices, in exchanging views, ideas and suggestions among teachers and, lastly, promote sustainable school. The NGO Aeiforum took the initiative to create this network.

Any teacher worldwide can enroll as a network member (regardless of grade or type of school in which they have served or are serving) espousing the principles and values ​​of Sustainable School and the need to reorient the school towards sustainability.

Member Registration
The registration of members is a simple notification of intention. Sending a relevant message to any teacher can be a member of the network. Through Facebook, teachers can become  members of the restricted group of the network On the website of Aeiforum (  we will  soon create a place for the members of the network.

Countries’ representation

Each country having already a relevant network, can nominate a teacher as representative and member of the editing committee of the newsletter (Aeiforum Newsletter).

Rights and obligations of members

The registration and participation of teachers is free of charge. All members of the network are equal. They have the right to communicate with all the network members and participate in the activities of the network (conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, training courses, study visits, production of educational materials, etc).  Optionally, network members can register as members or friends of Aeiforum.

Possible and potential activities of the network

• Network members can electronically submit proposals for training activities carried out under the auspices of the Sustainable School. The proposals will be considered by all the members of the network. At the end of each school year through electronic voting the five best educational practices (in the framework of Sustainable School), submitted by network members will be decided on.

• Seminars in collaboration with local and national agencies on Sustainable School.
• Conferences or symposia to present educational progress in relation to Sustainable School
• Employing foreign scientists to educate the Greek educators for sustainable school
• Publications in Greek and international journals on Sustainable School
• Educational tours or visits related (directly or indirectly) to education for sustainability.
• Sample presentations of educational practices in the context of sustainable School
• Production of educational materials, in electronic or printed form.
• Creation of local networks about the Sustainable School
• Implementation of national or European programs-projects (Erasmus +) within the field of Sustainable School and sustainability.

• Collaboration with other networks or organizations with common goals and interests

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