Programme (IE)


Erasmus+ Training Course


“Intercultural Education”








Welcome session

Registration, course documents and lunch

Getting to know each other. Ice breaking activities. Consolidating the group. Team building activities.


“Great Expectations: Flying towards and landing at the end of a successful course”: Each participant talks about their own expectations of the course.  


In class, participants will go over the entire course program and review the course objectives. We will have an introduction to the Intercultural Education.

In addition, we will be introduced to the teamwork teaching approach that will form the basis of all the team work done during this course.

In class, you will have a chance to brainstorm on product ideas that will enhance the program. You will put ideas of products up around the room and class members will form teams around shared interests. Then, teams will proceed with team building activities.

Practicalities of the course. Participants will prepare for an oral presentation on the 7th day of the program.

Introduction to the Intercultural Education

Welcome dinner (optional).


The causes of

Intercultural Education

-Lecture and videos about the Intercultural Education and it impacts on the school and the society

-Education, Training and Intercultural Education

-Objectives, driving values and nature of the Intercultural Education

-Intercultural Education inside and outside of the classroom

Contributions from the participants


Field study visit Nr 1.

Morning: Visiting a refugee structure (if available).

Afternoon: evaluation of the study visit. Reflections and conclusions

-Methodology in Intercultural Education

-Mitigation and Adaptation. Teaching approaches

Workshop on intercultural empowerment  

Reporting on the job done during the day


Field study visit Nr 2

Morning: Visit to a refugee neighborhood (Kokkinia-Drapetsona)

Afternoon-evening: evaluation of the field study visit

Workshop and activities about inclusion and acceptance of difference. Combating the stereotypes

Reporting on the job done during the day



Visit the Acropolis and Parthenon, and the New Museum of Acropolis




Certificates’ ceremony