LLP- Grundtvig Project: Educ-Arts

         LLP-Grundtvig Project «Educ-Arts»

Culture and civilization are two powerful assets of the European countries. They can supply people with enjoyment while creating jobs and income. The project is aiming at improving adult education training towards the social inclusion of adults +50 who are marginalized due to unemployment, poverty, or retirement. The main tool for this will be a series of training courses and creative workshops in the field of culture. An end product will be a Manual for adult education for culture, providing pleasant at one hand and promising for future jobs on the other training, while improving their self-esteem and enriching their cultural life. The partners will organize a series of indoor and outdoor training courses, based on the manual, on key cultural areas, such as: narration (myth and story creation), plastic arts (sculpture, pottery), theatre play, kite construction-creation combined with bird watching, construction of simple music instruments, learning of dances, city guiding and traditional cooking. Each course will be recorded and used as teaching material by adult trainers. Building on the culture and civilization of each partner country, the partners will dig into the common roots of the European civilization, enriching the lives and the perspectives of the ageing and marginalized citizens. At the same time the adult training literature will be enriched with new teaching and learning activities (manual), ready to use in different circumstances.

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