LLP Comenius Project: Sustainable School Indicators


LLP Comenius project: “Sustainable School Indicators”

In the second year he has entered the European program Comenius “Sustainable School Indicators”, involving seven countries: Greece (Ralleio General Lyceum for Girls of Piraeus – Coordinating School), Turkey, Bulgaria , Romania , Slovenia , Spain and Iceland .

During the first year of the program the participating schools implemented a small number of the set of indicators of sustainable school. The evaluation of the first year showed the same advantages and the same problems as reflected in the survey conducted by the Sustainable School team in Greece.

During the 2nd year of the program, based on the research schedule ” before – after” the partners will assess the impact of the program on students, whereas their responses to specific questionnaire before the start and at the end of the program . Student responses will interbreed with the reports of teachers and principals. From the results of the research a comprehensive report will result which will be submitted to the European Union, with the aim of a suggestion for implementing the program in all the schools of Europe.

For information about the program contact the Director of Ralleios GEL Piraeus, Dimitris Kalaitzidis (+302104117027,

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