The sustainable school is the most complete and comprehensive approach to school each one envisioned:
• Students find it interesting because it gives meaning to the mundane hours they spend in it
• Teachers expressed themselves in an enthusiastic way for their participation in the effort.
• School principals see their school improve in all areas very quickly, the ecological footprint of the school decreases
• Parents see that their children go to school with pleasure.

What we can expect to do through the newsletter we decided to publish once a month, is to promote the idea of Sustainable School Indicators as the most innovative idea in recent years, which changes, quickly and visibly, the world of the school .
We are the group which has created the institution of Sustainable School Award, which created a kind of “movement” in the Greek education, to shift schools towards sustainability. The backbone of the whole project is the “Sustainable School Indicators”, which guides the efforts of the school to sustainability.  Our team has joined the NGO Aeiforum, where he found a hospitable roof.

Through the Sustainable School Teachers Network we will try to create a community of teachers, parents, and maybe, students who have a common vision to approach sustainable school through sustainable school indicators. This community will continuously enrich the means, knowledge; experiences gained in the framework of the Sustainable School, but, mainly, will be sharing them better and faster. This network may soon be expanded to many countries since we have already started cooperation with some European countries within a Comenius project entitled «Sustainable School Indicators”.
If this newsletter reaches a significant number of colleagues (and of course with your help – promotion), the idea of ​​sustainable school and sustainability will grow in scope and will have more opportunities to be implemented in different schools. Therefore, please forward this newsletter to all your friends and acquaintances.
Are you curious with the thematic of the newsletter? Beyond those a newsletter promises, we are intended to inform you of the following fields:
A. Broader sustainability issues, current economic-sustainable development policy news, announcements of public interest
B. Responses and reports from partner schools working in the broad field of sustainability and sustainable school (good practices)
C. International reports from partners and partner schools
D. Articles signed by their authors.
At the outset we would like to make it clear that we do not intend to substitute any scientific journal. We have no such ambition. Therefore, scientific articles must be submitted to the appropriate journals and not to our newsletter.
Let us begin, then, and give voice to our colleagues who together with their students strive for a better school.
And to introduce ourselves: The Editorial Committee consists of: DimitrisKalaitzidis Christina Nomikou, Tragoudi Georgia, Michalis Fotiadis and VassilisPsallidas . The idea for the issue of this newsletter belongs to VassilisPsallidas. The electronic processing and release is made by Theodore Kalaitzidis. The Editorial Committee will publish this newsletter until June 2014. Then, three members will be replaced and will continue to issue for the school year 2014-15 , and so on. Editor of the English text is KaterinaChristodoulou , while editing of the Greek texts will be made by Katerina Arathymou.

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