Content (EffS)


Structured Course:
“The Effective School”




Erasmus +  programme.


Key Action 1




Objectives of the course


Effective Schools” is both an educational movement and body of research which examines school-based factors which positively influence learning outcomes in both primary and secondary schools. Dr. Larry Lezotte was one of the pioneers of the Effective Schools movement, which began in 1966. The Effective School is a priority target for all European education systems, as the knowledge society demands α school that educates people in critical thinking, innovation and flexibility.


As the school is a social investment in human capital, the society expects this investment to be cost effective and profitable in terms of social improvement, thus contributing to development and ensuring prosperity and social inclusion in Europe and beyond.


This course focuses on the effectiveness of the school, in terms of quality education, employing all the approved innovations that improve and secure school quality and effectiveness. Leadership, curricula, teaching-learning methodologies, learning styles, relations and exchanges with the local society, inclusion education, reporting and quality indicators system will be widely discussed and enrich the participants’ knowledge and experience


The course is going to have insights at the key characteristics of the effective schools and explore ways of implementing an effective school. The participants will visit different schools in the vicinity and have discussions with principals and teachers on the issue.




Participants are expected to acquire the following, attending the course:




-Effective Schools –history and movement


-Key features of an Effective School


-Introducing the innovation


-Whole school approach towards and Effective School


-Modern and effective teaching and learning approaches


-Professional development of the teacher


-New teaching and learning approaches that fit to an effective school


-The Finnish success story 





-Managing the change towards an Effective School


-Securing high quality education


-How to manage the introduction of a quality system at school


-How to motivate teachers and students


-Assisting teachers to develop their professional qualities


-Implementation and innovation processes




The participants will receive suggestions for reading material in order to prepare for the course well in advance. Visiting the webpage where much of relevant information is available is highly recommended.


The participants will be asked to fill in a special questionnaire about their training needs before the course. They will also be asked to prepare a presentation about their school’s daily operation and their country.




By the end of the course participants are asked to reflect on their learning experience and report accordingly. They will also be asked to fill in an evaluation questionnaire about the fulfillment of their expectations.


A special networking session will take place at the end of the course, which is expected to build long term connections and cooperation among the participants.


Each group will decide to create a FB group, or subscribe to Linkedin or SKYPE, in order to maintain communication and exchange ideas.


At the website  the participants will have the opportunity to submit their ideas, share their experience and suggest new ideas.